Buist wins top cancer reporting prize

The Hamilton Spectator’s Steve Buist has received the world’s top award for cancer reporting.

 Buist – an award-winning investigative reporter – has been named winner of the European School of Oncology’s (ESO) Best Cancer Reporter Award (BCRA) for his seven-part series Code Red: Cancer.

 The series examined the contribution of socioeconomic factors to chance of both getting cancer and surviving the disease.

 “Wow. To be named the best in the world at something is both incredibly exciting and incredibly humbling at the same time. It’s an absolute thrill to see The Spectator and our Code Red work honoured on a global stage, ” Buist said.

 “More importantly, I’m grateful to the European School of Oncology for recognizing that the fight against cancer has to move beyond test tubes and laboratories to include a serious discussion about the role of the social determinants of health.”

 As part of his award, a portion of the Cancer series will be republished in an upcoming issue of Cancer World Magazine.

 Past winners of the BCRA award have been from outlets such as The Times of London, Der Spiegel and The Guardian.

 Spectator Editor-in-Chief Paul Berton said “we always knew Code Red was important work, and it has already been recognized internationally, but for Steve to receive such recognition in Europe reinforces for us that the considerable effort was justified.”

 Earlier this year, Buist was named journalist of the year at the Ontario Newspaper Awards for his work on the cancer project. He also received the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO) Daily Newspaper Best Series Award.